Alyssa Regent (b. 1995)  is a New York based composer originally from the islands of Guadeloupe. She studied composition with Suzanne Farrin, David Fulmer, Marcos Balter and George Lewis and is currently pursuing a DMA at Columbia University.   

She is inspired by what she calls “the unseen”, seeking to evoke passions and sensations that are deeply rooted in introspection. She harvests from the ethereal, the enigmatic intersections between music and spirituality. She loves to think about music as an exploration of the spiritual and emotional dimensions of the human experience. 

Her compositions urge listeners to reflect on their own spirituality, embrace their emotions, and connect with each other during a shared listening experience.

With her compositions, she attempts to weave together these themes and create musical tapestries that stir the depths of the soul. 

Her music has been performed by several New York based ensembles and soloists.

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