Upcoming performances

Columbia Ballet Collaborative and New Chamber Ballet 

 Saturday, April 27 – 2pm and 7:30pm – Miller Theatre. 


Americas Society

Thursday, Feb. 29 – Americas Society

Charlotte Mundy (voice), Alec Goldfarb (guitar), Madison Greenstone (Clarinets), Kate Sloat (harp), Yanqi Chen (electronics), Russel Greenberg (perc), Tristan Kasten Krause (double bass), Thea Mesirow (cello), Pala Garcia (violin), Yoshi Weinberg (flutes). 
Columbia Composer present Yarn Wire
April 16th, 2023 – Tenri Cultural Center
(43A W 13th, New York, NY 10011)

Yarn Wire performs: “Day is Breaking in My Soul”
Composing for Dance
May 9th, 2023 – Barnard Mouvement Lab (Milstein Center, LL020)
Grace Woleck performs : “Fortis Meam”


Atlanta Symphony Earshot reading
May 10th, 2023 – Woodruff Arts Center
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performs “Where Even Shadows Are Light”

New Music On the Point
June 4th – 18th, 2023 – Leicester

JACK Quartet performs: “Sérénité”

New York New Music Intensive
July 13-17 –
Mise-en Place, Greenpoint
Gabriel Cabezas performs : “The Power You Hold”


Luzern Music Festival

August 14th – 27th , 2023 – Switzerland.
IEAMA Frankfurt students perform : “I Dream of Alluvium”

Cheswatyr Foundation and Harlem Chamber Players

Monday, October 2nd – The Forum
  Commission for Harlem Chamber Players


Columbia Composers features Loadbang 


Sunday, January 28, 8PM – St. Paul & Andrews

Yoshi Weinberg performs: “Chiral Reflection” 

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